Luli Cereseto
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Fragmented Journey III

Cut three in a series of fragmented journeys

"Emerging". This appears to be about a recent and noticeable feeling of healthiness. It is a slow, steady progress that has me floating above the despair that was. Balance shows up, then leaves me, but deep inside I know it is here to stay. So I let it fluctuate until it finds a permanent home in me.

I was given the first generation of Guardasil more than 10 years ago. My gynecologist was either brainwashed or needed some extra cash. I would say that this chemical blend plus a, then silent, predisposition fucked up my hormonal balance completely. Their solution? More chems. Fuck that. I took it into my own hands, I started to research alternative methods to bring my whole body back in balance. It took me years. It’s been a journey. Today, I doubt my numbers check but at least I feel good. Thanks to herbs, yoga, self-love and a restless need for autonomy. Big pharma and co. you destroy people’s lives so massively, and you cover it up even harder. Some of us know.