Luli Cereseto
Freelance designer in Miami

Open Words


Eight Twenty Seven Sunday August twenty eighth

I work from home.  I hibernate, I face dilemmas, I do, I thrive & hide. I work from home.

Today I transplanted my plants to better homes.  Sometimes I don't know how much more space a plant needs, so I end up transplanting a small thing into a huge container.  Then I wait for as long as I possibly can (because doing this in an apartment is a pain in the ass) until I can't deny the fact that the poor plant is not living in its proper home.  So today,  despite the so-called 'tropical storm warning,' I transplanted almost all of my plants, and as a result, a shit ton of dirt ended up on my face and my arms, in my eyes, under my nails, and inside my bedroom.

But I'm thrilled with the results.  After I brought all the planters back inside and found them the right spot around my workspace, I took up the opportunity to re-organize both the practical and functional aspects of the space, keeping in mind the aesthetics.  Usually when I organize this way I take photos to give these universes an eternal life.

Everything here is sacred to me.  Objects are mindfully placed there, like that, for a bring me peace, stability, creativity & positivity...basically to fight back all the anxiousness and fear that controls my mind.

Luciana Cereseto