Luli Cereseto
Freelance designer in Miami

Open Words

Unorthodox readings


I set up my 3 stones on top of the tarot deck pouch, and with the deck in my hands, I shuffle along as I wonder what it is I need guidance on at this time. Slowly letting myself enter the realm I usually hide from, where I'm faced with the root of my discomforts.

A card may slip away from my hands to mark the beginning of the pulling, and from then on, I may continue to lay down cards next to it, for as long as I feel fit. Until I feel like I see enough cards in front of me, to settle my doubts, guide my way forward.

These are the general questions that were forming in my mind as I shuffled the cards:

  • What’s blocking me

  • Am I stalling the completion of the deck

  • What am I afraid of

  • How do I get over my blockages/fears

  • How can I help myself

  • How can I understand myself better

This time I felt satisfied with five cards laying down next to each other in a row, plus the top card of the deck.

  1. VIII of Swords

  2. IX of Cups RX

  3. Page of Cups

  4. VIII of Pentacles

  5. VI of Cups RX

  6. King of Swords

It took me some time, some daydreaming, some whispering, some time to decipher the sequence:

VIII of Swords

My mind is blocking me. I need to remove the blindfold. Fear of failure. Being public is not a thing for me. I hide. So this means stopping that pattern that I've lived in forever. I'm afraid I will fail at this.

IX of Cups RX

My emotions are blocking me. I need to put them out there to free myself from them. Fear of heartbreak. I am a passionate motherfucker; this project is me. So I guess the natural reaction is to want to make my heart stronger, add another layer, to be better prepared for heartbreak in case this goes all wrong.

Page of Cups

The ideal. The middle card of the spread. It shows me where I could connect if I let go of the disturbances that surround it, represented in the four other cards.
Timing comes to mind. An archetype that stands where it should, not where it thinks it should, and does so comfortably, with ease, trusting it is at the right place, inevitably, and thanks to its wisdom and openness.

King of Swords

Voice. Out. Speak.

VIII of Pentacles

The over-obsessing on the details hinders playfulness.

VI of Cups RX

Missing out on how much fun this adventure could be. Focusing on having fun with, rather than making this a success, will help me get in touch with the joy that only my inner child knows how to have. Where my emotions are represented as big cups filled with blooming flowers, cups that I generously share with others, and others with me.

Luciana Cereseto