Luli Cereseto
Freelance designer in Miami

Open Words

I Can Define My Own Religion If I Have To

How does my idea of an ideal religion differ from your idea of an ideal religion?

At this space, I stretch muscles, bones & spirit.  I make my heart participate; I sweat out the pain, and I take my body to its limit, in a thoughtful way. I test myself, both my physical and mental strength.

Mine takes place in a small , comfortable area. Somewhere I feel at peace, where I can be with myself. Giving my brain the room it needs to leave thoughts -that judge and interrupt- behind.

I Give thanks for my fortunes, just out of respect for whatever is.

One hour a day.  I light up my incense. I surround myself with plants, care for my flaky orange mat, a glass of water, and I begin.

But no, I rarely begin my practice with a sweet, mellow, centered brain like that.
That's just the thought of it.

Luciana Cereseto