Luli Cereseto
Freelance designer in Miami

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ánima deck

learning tarot for me was about re-connecting with a distant childhood curiosity that was never satiated.  the making of this deck served as a clear-cut and gentle process out of the partial loss of my inner child and the battles i was fighting. 

the figures on this deck are meant to be free of gender, race, and socio-cultural contexts.  the shapes where cut out with my faithfully smooth ‘tools to live by‘ pair of golden scissors that i adore.  the pressed leaves that enhance some of the cards were hand-picked from the hostel in the forest in georgia.

some of these cards are based on my own impressions, some are based on the healing teachings of lindsay mack, and others are based on the traditional rider-waite deck. each card was meticulously made with art in my being and love in my soul, wanting to help the seeker take in the light and digest the heavy in a self-loving manner.

card descriptions appear in the order i pulled them, as the making of the deck progressed.  the order tells the story of a fragment of my life.

journal entry.

first card pulled. first clear indication of a project that needed to be born. what a beautiful message of universal green light.  receiving this card and making it, gently began the process of removing fears of incompetence and self belittling. happy to say hi to you.

about the aesthetics.

the process of picking the colors and textures was very organic.  the idea of using the two fern leaves to represent the wreath of victory came about in a very natural way, which elated me and motivated me to keep going. 

concise theory.

swords are air, they represent the mental realm.  a straight, strong sword shows a clear, balanced, humbly determined mind.  aces are benevolent gifts from the universe, ready to be received by us. crowns represent the ego; this one adorning the mind, working in unison.

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