Luli Cereseto
Freelance designer in Miami

Guide Preview

tarot deck guide preview

“The tarot is a system of revealing the unconscious and energetic processes of the human psyche. To understand it, we must think in a symbolic, dream-imaging way rather than in a rational, linear way. – THE SPIRIT OF HERBS


Tarot Anatomy

78 cards

22 Cards

56 Cards
Swords, Cups, Pentacles, Wands & Court Cards


‘Adjusting brain chemistry’


‘Exploring emotional instincts’


‘Grounding inner source’


‘Modulating powerful vitality’


Major Arcana

0. The Fool
URANUS - air

An invitation to fly or fall, moving along with the open-hearted, passionate energy of a fool.
Unbounded, Trust, Free and able to take risks, Eagerness

Showing up to shine a light on my original certainty about this project.

The fool's gown was cut out from a single piece of origami paper to make it seamless, representing its uninterrupted connection with its own will.

It felt so vital for me to follow the overall look and feel of the Rider-Waite card; it seems so uniquely joyous.

I. The Magician
MERCURY - air/earth

Unimaginable powers that summon the ethereal to the earthly and vice versa.
Seeing across & beyond planes of existence, Working with the logic of incongruence, Manifesting the ethereal into the earthly

Getting this card under a more controlled state of being, served me well.

I wondered when I was going to get to make this card. I’ve had an intense and sporadic relationship with it, shaking me to the core. It doesn’t show up frequently, but when it does, it brings it all up and out. This card keeps trying to show me where the balance across elements, universes, and forms of communication is, and I always seem to be in a state that doesn’t allow me to listen properly.

II. High Priestess
moon - water

Holding out for us the sacred within us.
An all-encompassing inner wisdom

Here to help me find my kind of moon cycle.

Making this card was about depicting inward energy, in a way that felt feminine and motherly, so I can slowly get closer to a library of inner knowing, one by one, trusting a little more each time I acknowledge this archetype as part of me.

III. The Empress
VENUS - earth

An open conduit for our heart’s contentment.
Pleasure, Sensuality, Connection, Sacral Yin, Flavorful

Rendering me capable of reaching this energy nearly effortlessly.

I knew it had to be all about the gown — the fluidity of the fabric. I had forgotten about the pressed leaves I set aside from my feisty pink polka-dot plant, so I was beyond delighted to find these perfectly-colored and folded leaves to create the gown. De-lighted.

IV. The Emperor
ARIES - fire

The balance between self-value, self-awareness, and egoic matters.
Oversee, Protect, Setting systems in place, Yang in-balance.

This is me channeling my father’s most harmonious, benevolent state.

Aries. Ram. Boldness with clear direction and modesty. After I cut and pasted the last piece, after I took a photo with my phone, I realized I had forgotten the crown. Then I realized it didn’t need it.

I wanted the robe to look imperial and cozy. The horns, to have a graphical look, and the face to represent purity within the space it’s holding. No aggression and all assertion.

V. The Hierophant
TAURUS - earth

Allowing mind, body & spirit to connect with new, unbounded information.
Rearrange, Open-Mindedness, Inner Guide, Awakening.

Familiarizing myself with the secret knowledge that is within me, but not of me.

I became much closer to the hierophant after making it. I needed to rid my mind of any preconceived concepts first. I remember this character flowed pretty smoothly and showed up not as a priest, but more like an otherworldly source of information. In love with its presence now.

VI. The Lovers
gemini - air

Staring at one’s gaze in a special kind of intimacy that brings on a wholly & content sense of self-recognition.
Soul mirror, Oneness, Self-love & acceptance

The last card I drew, the last card I made.. Sweeter than bitter but still bittersweet. Or nostalgic, rather.

VII. The Chariot
CANCER - water

Bifurcated road; one path is stable, well centered, but static while the other propels us towards newness.
Stationary victory/success, Comfort, Choice, Guidance, New direction

Opening my eyes to my fortunes, leading me to start moving out of my comfort zone slowly.

The Chariot, to me, feels like a state of mind. Looked up the symbolism seen on the Rider-Waite deck and only ended up depicting the elements that resonated with me, rather than trying to fit it all. This card revolves around earth, duality, magic, wisdom, solitude, and grace, and invites us to step out of it all in search for what’s next.

VIII. Strength
LEO - fire

We’re eye-level with a tame, benevolent lion, created from nature itself, showing us how to interact with fear safely.
Transformation, Overcoming, Courage, Collectedness.

Bringing forth external admiration and internal willpower.

In my mind, the core of the strength card is always personified by my mother. I made her a lioness collage a while back and wanted to base the design of this card on that portrait.

IX. The Hermit
VIRGO - earth

Our inner elder wisdom is visiting the loneliest parts of ourselves to guide and nurture.
Self-love & self-acceptance, Empathy, Advanced consciousness, Leading by example

Sending reassurance and love to the deepest, loneliest aspects of myself.

For the first version of this complicated silhouette, I used a soft, blurred wheat field. Too thin, too light. The Hermit needed to show me wisdom in solitude over an early night sky. So I found a photograph of mushrooms that resonated with The Hermit’s earthy sense. On a semi-tough terrain, this soul floats and moves along thoughtfully, only needing to physically see one step ahead because the rest of the way lies in its intuition.

X. Wheel of Fortune
JUPITER - fire/water

Invitation to surrender to the flow of the building blocks of life.
Convergence at the end/start of a new cycle, Reverence for the four directions, seasons & elements

Taking me for a spin, towards the cycle ahead.

I am doubtful but determined to ride the wheel of fortune within imperfection, through symbolism and a contrasting color palette.

The original card, as intricate as it is, doesn’t strike me as something beautiful but it does bear evident magic within it, so I decided to celebrate it as best I could by recreating most of the elements seen in the Rider-Waite deck.

XI. Justice
LIBRA - air/water

Everything in its path will inevitably align with what’s fair.
Truthseeker, Knowing and appreciating the laws of nature, Wise choices

I am officially meeting a non-discretionary, universal, and powerful force for the first time.

The spatial background dividing the card in half is what brought it all together for me. This card splits the major arcana in half, so it served as a way to speak to that. The black and white also stand in representation of the duality ever so present in this card.

XII. The Hanged Man
neptune - water

One step closer to shedding what doesn’t serve, one step closer to rebirth.
Surrender, Evolution, Metamorphosis, New perspective

Oh but I love hanging uncomfortably, letting my blood flow change for a minute.

I wanted this card to feel sweet, as a reminder that this particular discomfort is temporary and will lead to broader horizons. This sketch came about organically, without thinking, and when I looked at it, the Hanged Man came to mind.

xIII. Death
scorpio - water

Cyclical shedding to renew, nothing to fear.
Transformation, Ego-death, Room for rebirth, Shedding the snake skin, Cyclical

Enough with my pre-established, ridiculous taboos and fears.

Death is commonplace in the natural world, so rather than feed myself elaborate fears, I wanted to illuminate this card with a golden hill that sits on top of a skull, growing a beautiful leaf that’s ready to one day live on a luscious treetop.

XIV. Temperance

Alchemy happening. Amalgamating the known with the mysterious.
Receptivity, Experimentation, New creations.

"Temperance is the union of male/female/fire/water" – The Spirit of Herbs.

I feared this card's complexity, so it showed me a little magic.

I was struggling to smooth out the left edge of the wing when, magically, an indigenous-looking side portrait cut itself out. Sacred, crazy manifestations that prove there is a lot more to the status quo.

XV. The Devil

Shows the power that lies in acknowledging weakness under a forgiving light, bringing on freedom of the mind.
Psychological realm, Chemical imbalance, Tug of war, Self-imposed constraints

Making me aware of just how much control I surrender to my brain chemistry.

Matte black ripped paper bottom. Animalistic characteristics. A drop of blood or a painful tear. Maybe it’s two separate beings, perhaps it's the duality in one, trapped by the illusion of entrapment, held hostage by a more significant force, a chemical imbalance that doesn’t know how else to show that it is in fact, possible to break free.

XVI. The Tower
MARS - fire/water

Dethroning non-essential layers of our egoic mind.
Inner-Work, Upheaval, Foundational.

Wanting to bow to the fear this card brings to see its medicine from a humbling place.

This card brings forth intense purging, but our ego is seldom ready for it, as it clings on to the known and stubbornly resists this kind of life-change.

A great way to maintain a docile ego amidst a Tower experience is by recalling that this whole mechanism is way bigger than us and is here for us.

XVII. The Star

Spiritual healing that happens when moving water from one source to another, while being deeply immersed in a meditative state.
A healer, A deep cleanse, Peacefulness, Patience.

Letting us know she’ll always manifest.

The second card I pulled for my aunt after she passed. As I picked out the color palette and sketched the star, some words in Spanish came up in my mind: “Del papel dorado salió el plateado. Hay alquimia en tus suspiros.”

Interlaced waters that flow continuously to enhance a bright star that lives and breathes as it evolves to become the center point of a mandala.

XVIII. The Moon
PISCIS - water

Allowing the undulations of lunar waters to mirror & meld the light/shadow aspects of ourselves.
Wisdom, Depth of Depths, Inner-Journey.

Helping me simplify the tormenting cycle of how I react to and interact with my deepest emotions.

While I initially feared the complexity of the elements in the Rider-Waite deck, I felt at ease with the final result - a clean, minimalist depiction, inviting me to float peacefully in this 34-yr-old sea of intense emotions.

XIX. The Sun
sun - fire

The act of unveiling core information.
Clear thinking, Understanding, Answers, Research, Eye-opening

I sketched various options, the first ones looked a little more complex, and I couldn’t see myself making it correctly. So I simplified it and played around with different shades of yellow, orange, red, etc. until I settled on yellow-gold and brown variations.

The idea of making a diagram of the inner sun alludes to the notion of having to dig deep through the layers in search for unexpected insight or new comprehensions. I also think this card is about taking action and doing the work to expand and improve one’s entire periphery.

XX. Judgement
PLUTO - fire/water

Reaching deeper comprehension over matters of origin and unity.
Openness, Balance, Peace, Resolution

New, elaborate energy that I need to spend more time with.

The final result turned out to be pleasantly unexpected. I had more challenging plans for this card, but this simple aesthetic shows what I want it to convey: beings rising together in shared receptivity, being convened to understand the essence of oneness.

XXI. The World
SATURN - earth/air

Interconnected with the cosmic dance. Embracing the interaction between the four elements and ourselves.
Union, Inclusive, Participatory, Being present to honor the completion of a cycle

I am waking up to another cycle ending and a new one beginning.

I enjoyed making this card. Its meaning still feels way more profound than what I can gather at the moment, but it gives off a feeling of celebratory completion that I wanted to convey thru organic circular shapes that dance around the being. I remember feeling pleased with the colors, the leaves, and the overall balance. One of my favorite cards visually.



Ace of Swords
Essence of AIR

Crystalline, open-minded state aligned with a higher purpose.
Declarative, Non-violent, Thoughts manifesting and wanting to materialize, Positive thinking

Beginning this journey with a resonating ‘Yes.’

The first card I pulled. The first clear indication of a project that needed to be born. What a beautiful message of universal ‘Green Light.’ Receiving this card and making it, gently began the process of removing fears of incompetence and self belittling.

Happy to say “Hi” to you.

Two of Swords

Asking for a time-out to protect the mind that runs incessantly, evoking feelings that drown.
Boundaries, Meditation, Mental stability

"Integrating the duality of mind: analysis & intuition." - The Spirit of Herbs

Pulled on March 30th, 2018.

This card has been showing up repeatedly lately. Amid losing one of my favorite people on earth, I was continually being asked to drop in and take care of my mental/emotional state thru the medicine of this card. I love this card now; it feels like a companion.

I attempted many looks for it until I settled on this one. Golden moon reflections on the swords and the blindfold, symbolize the quietness within, guided by a moon that shines over a sea of emotions.

Three of Swords
Saturn in libra

A nostalgic cleanse of the emotional mind happening under a gray-thunder sky.
Desolation, Mental/Emotional angst, Pain

Feel like at certain times I’ve been on this exact state both for myself and for others.

The Rider-Waite imagery for this card has always been one of my favorite of the deck. Even though this card can feel heavy, the tattoo-like aesthetic kept me shielded a bit from seeing it through the eyes of hurt.

Four of Swords
jupiter in libra

Calling for a double stacked shielded break.
Shut off, Need to take a much needed break

Re-evaluating the present need and importance of allowing myself to let it all sink in, in quietude.

This card showed up more than once this week. I guess if it needs to be said more than once it will. It feels like a double Two of Swords invitation.

Adorned with a moon pillow to soften the rigid nature of this card and to provide the wisdom in taking on the invitation to shut down.

Five of Swords

Double-edged contention between the mind & the ego.
Consequences, Quarrel, Contraction, Competitiveness.

“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” –Sun Tzu

Contractions are acting on my behalf.

Feeling particularly tense around this time and this card. After analyzing the final result, I was pleased to see it showed me both how it feels to lose and how it feels to be taking over.

Six of Swords

Navigating the seas of the mind by taking the wheel or finding a guide.
Cyclical energy, New perspective, Welcome change, Traveling, changing thoughts, Choose to take control or let yourself flow

Feeling like I’m both guiding and being guided through the magical, creative process of making my tarot deck.

Seven of sWords

Hunting & seizing more of what we already have.
Inner Work, Unbalanced Strategy, Avarice.

Greedy inkling is threatening to contaminate me.

Harsh card to look at and digest. The hands are holding the swords by their sharp edges, desperate to take them all, without seeing the damage they’re causing or the pain they can bring.

Eight of Swords

There is always a way out. The mind is keeping us enclosed, blocking the solution.
Disorientation, Uncertainty, Feeling doomed

I am finally seeing old mind-blockages easing up and slowly dissolving with time.

I used to “fear” the sight of this card on the Rider-Waite deck until I saw a way out of the sword cage. Then I began to respect it and even appreciate its aesthetics. That’s why I decided to simplify it but keep a similar arrangement of elements and color scheme.

Nine of Swords

Menacing thoughts are creeping in, attacking the brain, and persuading our reactions.
Guilt, Self-judgment, Feelings of inadequacy.

"Self-judgment is an indication of an unhealthy ego that is afraid to view the true self and its splendor." – The Spirit of Herbs

My thoughts are in order in spite of what I’m used to hearing inside my head.

Without much contemplation, the being in this card showed up as the negative space inside the brain-like shape that contains it. The background drawing was a long-lost doodle I made way back when I was attempting to regain creative control, symbolizing nerve endings, and rebirth out of fear.

Ten of Swords
sun in gemini

Thoughts are reading as static noise, leading to hurt.
— Stagnation, Emptiness, Need to release.

Going back and forth with my brain.

Only a handful of times have I been wise enough to recognize and reject self-harming thought-chains by calmly watching them from afar. It is a difficult thing to maneuver, and as soon as I feel weak, they catch up to me.

Page of Swords

Pausing to ground, honor, and mature the mind.
— Breath of fresh air, Freethinker, Sweet innovator, Thoughtful, Ready to manifest the mind

Pulled on July 25th, 2018. I tend to worry about maintaining the aesthetic consistency, especially between court cards, so I took out the Page of Pentacles and kept it close by as I developed this one.

I wanted to mix cool and earthy tones, to represent the elements this card is ruled by. The neon flowers express hope and excitement, two key characteristics to embody when receiving this card. I didn’t know much about it, so I went back to an old Lindsay Mack podcast episode on The Pages to understand this card a little better. I think I know how this feels, but for some reason, I’m a little bit afraid of getting closer. I'll give it time to sink in.

Knight of Swords

Time to examine the speed at which we are carrying out our thoughts and ideas.
Fast-paced, No-time-to-stop, Muster patience

Had a hard time liking the final result of this card. A hard time deciding on the posture, textures, and colors. Its overall message propelled me out of the back-and-forth and onto continuing creating my deck, full steam ahead.

King of Swords > Queen of Swords

A truth speaker guided by the steadily moving waters of a clear mind.
Truthfulness, Limitless ideas, Independent, Focused visionary

Carrying me with the power of thought and speech.

I knew I wanted someone upfront, centered, and with the sword aligned vertically. I wanted it to look organic and assertive. Then a Queen emerged. I happily adorned her with a white piece on the crown and added two chakra charms. This card was born a King to become a Queen.

On a personal level, I feel this might have happened because I haven't fully felt King Energy yet, while I do feel more aligned with the archetype of the Queen.

King of Swords
fire of air

The vocal fire ignited by a steady, comforting breeze.
— Integrity, Truthfulness, Confidence in one’s words and ideas

Seeing myself beyond that familiar veil of hesitancy

I find myself consistently restricting King of Swords energy. Mainly because of how I’ve always seen myself, through a thick veil of shyness that has conditioned me to think more than twice before being able to free my vocal cords publicly.



Ace of Cups
Essence of WATER

Opportunity for openness to reach a spiritual and emotional connection with the inner self and the universe.
The heart's wisdom, Adoration, Loyalty.

A new cycle has commenced, encompassing all my senses.

Universal gifts are diving right in and overflowing a cup that feeds an extraordinary lotus flower. I was eager to cut out the water streams and the dove. The lotus flower was assembled from leftover scraps of paper to symbolize its ability to flourish above anything.

Two of Cups
venus in cancer

Harmonious self merging.
— Acceptance, Union, Energetic exchange, Amalgamation

I am trusting and doing, internalizing, and externalizing.

Feeling at peace, knowing I can handle brain imbalance and minor slip-ups with determination. I wanted to honor Jeff Hinshaw's interpretation of this card, how he sees the incompatible aspects of the self coming together thru the archetype of the High Priestess & The Fool, by incorporating the same textures/colors I used on those cards.

Three of Cups
mercury in cancer

Alluding to an internal or external state sacred collective communion.
Communion in social dynamics, Dance of life.

Reacquainting myself with a genuine sense of social belonging.

I wanted this card to go together visually with the 3 of pentacles. Both their meanings strike me as being similar at the core, so I wanted to reflect that relationship in the aesthetics.

Four of Cups
Moon in cancer

Prompting us to make the right decision for our emotional well-being.
Digestive track, time & space-related, Apathy, Detachment.

I can see myself getting better at identifying the instances where there is simply no room for this or the other.

Spilled water from overflowing emotions endlessly trickling down with no one saying; ‘Enough,’ or ‘Not this time.’

Five of Cups

“The periphery is unveiling more truth about the current situation than wherever our focus may be, taking us out of our lament.”
Grievance, Despondency, Half-empty state-of-mind.

Reminding me not to lose myself in the negative.

At this point, I am still trying to figure out the look of each element, but I don’t want to overthink it, I want to go with the flow.

I want this card to feel gloomy and take on the color palette of the Rider-Waite deck, but I don’t want it to feel dark and heavy. The being in this card is more focused on the spilled cups than the two still standing behind it, but somehow, the shape of the cloak can make it look as if the being is either lamenting with its head down or lamenting towards the sky, asking ‘Why me?’

Six of Cups
sun in scorpio

In a state of clear, content sense of wholeheartedness.
Childhood, Inner child, Playfulness

I am admitting happiness.

I arranged the fluffy magenta flowers against that very particular blue that enhances the shine of the gold paper cups while doing a bright, happy dance.

Seven of Cups
Venus in scorpio

Eye-catching variants are drawing our focus away.
Magic, illusion, free will, life paths, perspective, options.

Trying to avoid feeling paralyzed at the verge of indecisiveness.

Making this card turned out to be fun, in spite of me dreading it since I started this project. Having to make all those different cups also helped the suit look more cohesive in the end.

I guess I’ve been feeling this paralyzing effect stirred up by old stories and traumas. Things I thought were resolved, reappearing under the disguise of bright and shiny options.

The cups hold abstract, eye-catching content that lures, cures, teaches, who knows. It’s all there.

Eight of Cups

Embarking on a lonely and quiet journey, moonlit in Pisces energy, towards somewhere better.
Re-evaluation, Solitude, A new calling, Decision to walk away

Letting us know she’s on her way.

The first card I pulled for my aunt after she passed. It painted a picture of her journey on the road to a kinder place for her soul, free of pain. A mild shock ran thru my body as I discovered this message, filling me with nostalgia.

This card might be one of my favorites. I aimed to honor the Raider-Waite imagery and energy as much as possible.


Nine of Cups

Holding a space of hope and desire
— Self-satisfaction

Dandelion seeds are dispersed over the fabric of the cosmos to materialize personal hopes and dreams.

Ten of Cups

Witnessing a moment as beautiful and fleeting as the bright, crisp petals of a flower saluting the sun.
Harmonious joy, Stay grounded, State of awareness

I am still struggling to understand the finite nature of this moment.

But I’m here for it. I can still remember how the most beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen looks and feels like, and now every time I see one I stretch the time I have to admire it as much as I can.

Page of Cups
earth of water

Grounded in soul-communication with all that flows and breathes freely.
— Emotional stream of consciousness

I am allowing my heart’s receptivity to seep through.

This card gives me peace; it warms my soul. It feels like an energy that can hold me, feeding a unique power that stems from an understanding and connection with the biome.

The being in this card is conjuring the waters and all the life in it, standing in communication with its depth in all directions.

Knight of Cups

Invitation to flow in harmony with our emotions, radiating pure grace as we pass by.
Ease, Meditation, Mind-heart balance, Proactive dreamer, Creativity-oriented

Breathing wholeness and gratefulness into my life.

My Juan and Only pulled this card for me to do next. Couldn’t have fit him more perfectly.

I went for a simplified version of the traditional imagery. The texture of the helmet was made of an expensive looking car, which worked nicely in terms of lighting but off in terms of significance. I wanted the face to reflect the golden in the cup, symbolizing balanced emotions and inner radiance. The landscape is soft yet contrasting, with undulating waters flowing in the back as a reflection of the central concept of the card.


Queen of Cups
water of water

Speaks without words by deciphering flowing rivers and bodies of water.
— Clarity

Pulled on January 8th, 2019.

Back on track, feeling a little fidgety thinking about everything I have to get done. This card brought on a challenge to make, but it also invited me to dig deeper and not settle, which in turn calmed my nerves and let me focus on the project rather than my preoccupations. So I took a little bit of time analyzing the other queens to figure out a cohesive watery flow to the gown and the overall tone.


King of Cups
fire of water

Here to serve, heal, and pass it on.
— Masculine sensitivity

The throne showed up in the silhouette of a mushroom. How alchemical. Shimmering seawater fills the cup. The triangular headpiece holds the figure up and out, inciting the fiery nature of this being that steadily sails in alchemy with its inner & outer realm — compelling it to serve, to heal and to bless its surroundings.




Ace of Pentacles
essence of earth

Mother seed strengthening the bedrock that feeds our soul’s journey.
— Root sense of belonging

About the interconnected system beneath our feet and in clear communication with our bodies.

Two of Pentacles

Tapping into the agility & focus contained in our root center. Allowing us to maintain equilibrium all around, flowing and swirling along life-changes.
Duality, Balance, Skill, Dance

The infinity loop is navigating the waters, holding the earth manifested as two pentacles that swirl along infinitely while faithfully staying in place.

Three of Pentacles

Non-interchangeable roles are coming together, working in unison towards a shared goal.
Work-related alliance, Community-oriented, Recognizing one's skills

Pulled on July 24th, 2018. I wanted each hand to carry a pentacle that brought forward something unique, to symbolize the coming together of their equally essential offerings. “A three-legged stool will never wobble.”

Four of Pentacles

Standing midpoint opposing sides.
Structure, Boundaries, Allow room for flexibility.

Trying to avoid getting fixated or stuck on either side.

I see this card as the sacred balance and exchange of protection in alignment vs. overprotection; how opposing energies serve a purpose and ought to be evaluated and held. I feel like this card shows both sides of the coin (of life) - the Yin and the Yang.


Five of Pentacles
mercury in taurus

A scarcity oriented contraction that feels taut and hollow.

Knowing what this feels like, but also knowing how to quieten the feeling.

Am I seeing crumbles going to waste, lost in the snow? Am I seeing seeds, being stored for later? Are the pentacles broken, or are they wanting to expand?

An image of bare tree branches came to mind as I was moving on from this card.


Six of Pentacles
moon in taurus

A well-balanced interpersonal cycle of giving and receiving extended over time.
— Synchronicity, Flow, Waves, Pattern, Timing.

Old inadequacies and guilt trips left behind, for good and thru the medicine of this card.

The six pentacles are aligned in the shape of a circle to symbolize the cyclical and cooperative aspect of this card. One hand pushes the pentacle forward, and the other side receives it. This card talks about both the selflessness and the self-love it takes to engage in its balance.


Seven of Pentacles
saturn in taurus

Admire with patience while trusting in the natural timing of the wait.

Wanted to portray the timing of natural stages, through step by step simplicity. The foliage leaf comes from the same plant as the leaves used on The High Priestess and the Ace of Pentacles, linking these three cards in the process of gestation and growth.

Eight of Pentacles

Invitation to work diligently, sans self-judgment.
Seeing the bigger picture, Self-discipline, Foresightedness, Good-skill utilization

Shifting my perception of what’s ‘perfect.’

Learning to differentiate and balance attentiveness and perfectionism. Thinking about how I experience perfectionism and realizing how paralyzing it can get.

Nine of Pentacles

Recognize and savor the fruits of thy labor.
Enjoyment, Accomplishments, Harvest, Admiration.

Helping me get closer to my self-worth.

Felt both happy and intimidated by this card, and then, as soon as I started sketching, I felt an instant connection with the pose of the character in the Rider-Waite deck. So I went for it. Pentacles revolve around the being and celebrate it.

Ten of Pentacles

On the path of blessed & bountiful work that gives and lives on forever.
Eternal, Ancestral, Soul-Lineage, New Beginnings.

An intimidatingly sweet way of showing me that it *does* matter.

The pentacles living in the sky represent reincarnations moving across a familial celestial system, letting us know we’re going in the right direction, inevitably.

Page of Pentacles

Representing a grounded, centered soul that’s genuinely in contact with its inquisitive nature.
Emerging from the earth, Seeking out from within, Antenna for messages from Mother Earth, Future harvest

There’s a new, welcoming energy of abundance is entering my vocabulary.

I want to visually convey the energy the sky pours on this soul and its pentacle and the result of this interaction upon the earth itself. The deep blue of the soul’s silhouette made me feel the same curiosity I feel when I search for stars in the night sky. The flowery fields of abundance and the light yellowish sky made me feel warm and hopeful.

Knight of Pentacles

Steadily moving with intention through the organic path we are weaving. Aiming & Attaining.
Patience, Preparation, Loyalty

Reminding me to slow down and reconnect.

Pulled this card reversed: feeling impatient, with an urgency to finish this project now. Blind to the bigger picture.

Much deliberation on the background and face. Wanted to follow the color scheme on the Rider-Waite deck and decided on a micro-constellation pattern for the face to represent this soul’s connectivity, clear path, and slow-paced determination.

Queen of Pentacles

Mother nature ensouled. A deep state of emotional & inner-earth abundance.
Honor The Body, Nurture the Senses.

Foraging for an earthbound embrace.

So I get my hands dirty and re-pot most of my plants, allowing their roots to expand and their leaves to get greener, feeling the nourishing love contained within mother nature.

King of Pentacles
fire of earth

Being echoed in nature’s wisdom, curiosity, and patience.
Grounded-fire-action-purpose / rooted outer earth

A being that has grounded its core and connected its existence to the existence of everything else around. Taking grounded and positive steps toward living genuinely.

This card came up for me around a moment of high sensitivity and minimal grounding. I had to take a little bit of time before attempting to enter its sphere of influence to be able to create it. The process of making this card tightened some loose ends and propelled me to reconnect with myself and my sense of existential belonging.




Ace of Wands
essence of fire

Sacral fire keeping creative forces breathing.

Feeling ready to share this deck with the world.

It took me a couple of hours to bring this card to life. I used a cut-out leaf from an old collage I was going to make, wanting to follow a graphic, minimal aesthetic similar to the ace of swords, to visually unify the Aces. The fire burning below is composed of dewy petals and one golden flame.

Two of Wands

Irradiating our potential.
Choice, Blank Canvas, Inspiration.

A sense of curiosity and eagerness to explore what exists both inside and out, emitting an infinite array of possibilities.

Three of Wands

Portrait of a grateful master-student at the end of a life-cycle.
New-found stimuli, Contemplation, Introspection

I'm back from a journey.

Finding myself in a state of contemplation, after experiencing an intense kind of exhaustion. I magically found a filigreed leaf to represent the soul’s old, torn, and traveled robe, one with a dose of elegance, sweetness, and nostalgia.

Four of Wands

Celebratory rituals that honor stability, victory & success to keep fortune breathing.
Lighthearted, Release hesitations, Cooperative, and playful spirit

Asking me to stay and rejoice in the stability I found.

I wanted to simplify the original image. I was super happy with the result and then suffered a small heartbreak as the little flowers fell apart and the card lost its joyous look to become a dead, desolate landscape. I can fix it, no problem.


Five of Wands
saturn in leo

Trying to tame a temper that’s tainted with self-doubt and all its messy derivatives.

Fiery clashing that I put on hold until it sizzles away. This technique works sometimes, but occasionally new rage piles up on top of old craze and boom.

Six of Wands

Sharing and shining, wearing our best light.
Victory, Visibility, Self-confidence, Praise

Following me around until I pay attention.

Pulled this card before leaving town for a sad occasion. Left it behind, decided I did not connect with it and then came back home only to pick it again. There is no escaping the cards sometimes.

Wanted to make a minimal version of the Rider-Waite imagery by focusing on the personality of the wands. Sometimes this card can have a fake connotation to it, or talk about a temporary high, but I’m not sure I see it that way, so I wanted the celebratory attitude of the card to feel balanced and genuine.

Seven of Wands

Deep in a defensive state with a drop of competitiveness and a hint of imbalance.
Self-protectiveness, Disbelief, Fighting in one's head, Time to do inner work.

Channeling this combative energy by making the card.

As I progressed in the making of the cards, there were days when I felt like there wasn’t going to be space for me, for my deck. This card came out reversed, allowing me to see that I was actively working towards getting out of that state of mind. Then I felt more at ease.


Eight of Wands
mercury in sagittarius

Invitation to allow a mighty life change to happen.

I’m allowing this process to keep moving along, move fast, forward. I have recreated this card based on the Rider-Waite direction. There might not be a better way to represent a direct, fast, blockage-free movement.


Nine of Wands
moon in sagittarius

There is evidence that proves exactly how tired we find ourselves.
— Worn through

I wanted to emphasize the need for a well-deserved break with a peaceful, sleepy sunset and one wand in a horizontal position, resting comfortably.


Ten of Wands
saturn in sagittarius

The experience of having to slow down over rough terrain is urging us to ask for help.

S.O.S. I'm ready to come up with a list of helping hands.

Decided to replace the silhouette of the person holding the wands with rocky terrain, to symbolize an experience of hardship and vulnerability, where all you have left to do is ask for some extra hands to help carry the wands across.

Page of Wands

A pause to ground, honor & behold the creative fire.
Absorb, Contemplate, Constancy, Balanced enthusiasm

When creativity fires ignite, it can be challenging to keep hot charcoal steadily burning under a gentle breeze and atop stable, yet malleable ground.

I tend to get over-excited, ahead of myself and little burned out when I drift away from the medicine of this card.


Knight of Wands
air of fire

Invitation to bring out our sacral joy, soaked in self-confidence.

Spare parts from The Sun card accessorize and light up this being from the inside out. This Knight shares the gown fabric with the Nine of Pentacles, connecting their calling for celebrating oneself and one’s earthly fire.


Queen of Wands
water of fire

An inner knowing that somehow resides beyond the self.
— Witch

Pulled on January 11th, 2019.

Have felt how precise, powerful, and gentle this card can be. Had this design sketched out for a while and couldn’t wait to pull the card. I’m pleased with the result. It feels like I had made this card before, almost exactly like that.


King of Wands
fire of fire

The inner voltage, wisely tamed.
— Tadasana

The embodiment of our drive; luminous, filled with purpose and confidence. Standing tall.