Luli Cereseto
Freelance designer in Miami


Collage | Photography | Branding | Design

Soft Witchcraft


Aiming to settle a lost soul.

This one works slowly.  I don't get the hints it throws at me so I've learned to let it work in silence instead of trying to please it.  But I know it works.  It takes its time because each step it takes must be right.  One wrong move and maybe the whole thing collapses.  Who knows if it can be re-started.  I don't have that certainty so I won't take chances.  I let it work in silence and I train myself to be at peace with its pace.


Aiming to celebrate life.

She's giving out hope in tracing back history.  Subtly telling the story of all that I love about this life.  Or most of it. Summarized. Lighting up the room she's in and the eyes she reaches.  She talks about hope and she tells me a story filled with opinions and good times.  A story uplifting but centered, realistic within the magnitude of its positivity.  I thank her for sharing each time I look down. I treasure the colors and shapes and the textures she decided to surround herself with.  She gives me hope in tracing back history.  She aims to celebrate life, and succeeds.